The Iron Brotherhood

The Longest Night, Act 1

Nicodem, Iron Balls, Vog & Callis are guarding a trade caravan travelling from Five Fingers to Corvis. Near Corvis the caravan is ambushed by a pack of swamp gobbers. The gobbers prove no match for the party, and only two make it away with their lives. Vog finds the bellows the bogrin used to create their fog cover and keeps it, entirely sure it is magical.

Once in Corvis, the caravan master asks the party to deliver some of the supplies to Father Dumas at the Morrowan Church, and return for their payment.

Father Dumas asks the party for help in a recent matter. Within the past several weeks, 7bodies have been reported missing from various burial sites across the city. Father Dumas gives them a list of the family names that have registered a complaint and the sites of the thefts.

During the course of the investigation, there are accounts of a woman in white, several bodies walking on their own and a tattered piece of white cloth. The party immediately suspects the priests niece Alexia.

On the way back to the church to report their findings, the party catches a pick pocket in the act and a brawl starts in the streets. Callis suffers serious wounds, And Father Dumas agrees to help him recover.

Father Dumas is confronted about the names and evidence. All the dead raised were jurors on The Witch Coven of Corvis trial, 10years ago. Their deaths were natural and unrelated, but their raising is too close to the anniversary of that trial to be coincidence. Father Dumas tells the party where the witches were buried, and asks the party to make the trip and investigate the tomb in the morning.

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